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A friend of mine from Jamaica has just created a new website dedicated to the Toyota Starlet. This is a pretty in depth site featuring tuning tips and ideas, chassis tuning, videos, photos and much more. Here is what the creator has to say;

"This site is dedicated to those amoung us who were blessed to have had the chance to own, worked on, our driven those fun packed hatches the Toyota Turbo Starlet. Having been the owner of three of these vehicles myself, I know the fair share of joy and pride they can bring as well as the, often not seen, headaches and heartaches that they can impart.

My goal is to harness the weath of information available on these vehicles that is scattered across the net and harvest them in one location to help provide easy access to individuals like my self who are constantly searching for info."


So if you have time please check out this site as I'm sure it will grow into a useful source of information for all Toyota Starlet tuners and fans.

New Site!!!


Well guys and girls, the EP82 is now sold to a decent, genuine guy which i'm glad about, he had some small plans for it so I wished him the best of luck with it and hope he looks after it.

I've now ordered my new car from Japan yet again but I've decided to try out a different car manufacturer, this time I'll be tuning a Honda Civic SIR-II EG6, obviously I'll be blogging all the progress as I go through the different stages of tuning and taking plenty of photographs yet again :). The link for the new blog is below so please add it to your RSS feed and bookmark it;


The return to standard | Part 2


Well this will most likely be the last post on this blog I'm sad to announce. The EP82 is now as standard as it will ever get. I've just put the car up for sale on the Starlet forums and on some other auto trade websites so we'll see how long it takes before she finds a new home. I took some pictures the other day for the advertisement so I'll upload these on here so you guys can take a look at how completely different it looks now, its quite shocking really but I still think it looks rather clean.

For anyone who looked at this blog, even if occasionally, thanks for looking at it and I hope it gave you some ideas and inspiration for tuning your own Starlets or any other type of car for that matter.



EP82 | For Sale

For Sale | Piston Heads

The return to standard


Well its been over two years now since I started this blog and its pretty much nearing the end sadly. I decided a few weeks ago that I would be selling my EP82 along with all the parts I've installed. Rather than selling the car as a whole I decided to strip off all the parts and sell them separate and sell the car as a standard car like when I bought it. I've taken a few pictures of the car and parts that I've been stripping off so the car looks a bit strange now but its a good reference to see how different it looks.

I'll take a few more shots later on so you guys can get an idea how many parts I installed on my EP82.

Bee-R Power Builder


After feeling a bit experimental I decided to order the Bee-R Rev Limiter Misfiring System to help with my launches and for when the road surface is wet and the wheels decide to spin out of control causing the car to hit the factory rev limiter. The item works extremely well as you can wire it up to the handbrake light so that when the handbrake is initiated the rev limit you have set will come in and you can launch from the desired RPM by simply letting off the handbrake and releasing the clutch. Then there is a basic rev limiter which you can set to any RPM you desire before the factory rev limiter, which is useful for high powered FWD cars suffering vicious wheel spin. Below are a couple of videos testing it out, quite a lot of fun I have to admit.

Harewood Hillclimb


As you know from last year I like to attend the Hill climb at least once a year at Harewood. This year it couldn't have been a better day, the sun was beating down all day long and there was no wind whatsoever it was a scorcher. Here are some pictures of all the cars that entered that day. What I love about the hill climb is the variety of vehicles that attend, it just makes the day that bit more special as you get a whole range of different sounds and lap times. Also the cars vary in age hugely, its awesome to see that the older cars can actually be just as fast as the newest cars of today which is a great site to witness.

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